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Published On 5/19/2022
May 2022
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Published On 4/26/2022
So, this Prez sez is coming out a bit late for me to not feel a little guilty calling it April. I must confess that I truly did not understand the demands of the club presidency before assuming leadership. To which I compounded those demands with the demands of co chairing this years Hiawatha rally. One of my trainers when I was a leader in Boy Scouts once said " We look for people that spell no, K.N.O.W.!" I guess they and you found me! I have been blessed with an outstanding board and Vice president along with a rally co chair which has helped beyond words to relieve some of the stress.
Saying all that I also have come to the conclusion that it's not to late to get something done until the event happens. Which brings me to the message of todays Prez Sez. "It's not to late." If you spell no with a "K" we need you! want to get more involved with the club, have some spare time? volunteer for one of the many events we have coming up. We need people to volunteer for the open house at
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Published On 2/2/2022
Well, I caught it, no not the dreaded covid. The missing riding fever. It usually strikes about this time every winter. The signs are subtle but unmistakable endless hours watching motovloggers, living by watching others much more fortunate than myself continuing to ride in good weather climes. Commenting on bike related social media posts, posting pictures of your bike etc…
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Published On 5/1/2021
‘Tis the very merry month of May! Hooray!

OK, we are not back to normal, but some will say normal is overrated. A lot of our members have been vaccinated, by virtue of their professions, advanced age, perseverance, or good luck. Things are opening up, little by little.
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Published On 2/1/2021
Yes, I am still at home, though buoyed by the prospects of vaccines and pandemic stats trending downwards.

Well, and good. We have passed through February’s cold weather and can be hopeful for Spring, even though it was snowing today. If you are not itching to ride already, you will be, soon. Word has it that even snowbirds are beginning to be sighted migrating northwards.
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Published On 1/17/2019
I’m honored to be elected to my fifth year as President.

We had a good 2018 and I am anticipating an even better 2019.
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Published On 9/30/2018
Two weeks ago we had the A/C running and now its 46 degrees outside. That’s Minnesota for you...
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Published On 6/17/2018
Steve Says - June 2018
Wow, the snow melted and we went straight to summer...
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Published On 5/1/2018
You know it was a long winter when I don’t shave off my beard until April 29th. Riding Season started for me yesterday. Between the weather, being sick for over a week with a nasty cold and having lumber stacked up all over the place as I was
pre building a deer stand at home, I just didn’t get any bikes out until May 7...
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