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January 2019 Steve Says
Published on: 1/17/2019
where Steve says what he wants to
Steve Says Fall Edition
Published on: 9/30/2018
Two weeks ago we had the A/C running and now its 46 degrees outside.
That’s Minnesota for you.

Diane and I had a great time yesterday at the Flat Track Mile races held at Canterbury Park. Thank you to Dan Reese for encouraging us to attend. We saw a few club members there. This was different from what we saw at the Rose Warner Coliseum over the winter. It was on dirt and each lap was a mile. These bikes were flying down the straights and then pitching it sideways around the corners with dirt flying everywhere.
The spectators were wearing their winter coats and many layers. Some hard core riders rode there on their motorcycles. We drove the Buick with the heater on, ha, ha.

Earlier this month we rode the R80RT to the Wisconsin Dells Rally. It was our first time since they changed locations. I like the new place. The Wisconsin Club does a good job putting on the rally.
I was asked, so I will mention it here too. Wisconsin has as least 4 clubs tha
Steve Says June 2018
Published on: 6/17/2018
Steve Says June 2018
Wow, the snow melted and we went straight to summer.
I’ve been riding nearly everyday to work alternating between the R60/6 and the R1200RT.
The Hiawatha Rally was great from my prospective. When your “working” I think it’s different than when you are a “rally attendee”. Volunteers make it happen, if you were one of them, thank you. I hope all of you had a good time.
In less than a month many of you will be heading to Des Moines and/or Wellsboro for the national rallies. These are great opportunities to do some riding, meet up with club members and rally friends. I think most of us, after attending a couple of national rallies, have a few friends that we only see once or twice a year.
Diane and I are skipping Des Moines and heading to Wellsboro. We have a route planned that makes a big u shaped curve on a U.S. map. After the rally in PA we are planning to go home through Canada which will make the route a circle. It should be a great trip.